Sourcing & Purchasing
The safety, quality and reputation of your products relies on your choice of partners in the supply chain.

With more than 20 years’ experiences of towel we could help you sourcing more reliable suppliers in home textile.Cooperating with us smoothed your procurement in China.

Reliable and professional supplier is the key-point for your business,as your domestic partner we can help you selecting real manufacturer and guaranteeing orders going on smoothly.

We'll follow up the project closely, improve the procurement process, build up a back up supplier system, our QA/QC will make sure the quality and delivery, deal with suppliers to resolve unexpected situations and problem, supervise the suppliers to do the continuous improvement which contribute to your successful purchase in China.

By enjoying our China sourcing service, you can:
1) Purchase directly from the factories but not trading company;
2) Source the right products in a reasonable prices, as we will compare at least 3-5 factories to get the most competitive price;
3) Save your purchasing cost by only staying in your office without the need of the long travel to China;
4) Reduce your sourcing risk in China.
5) Ensure you will get the purchased products in high quality in due time.